The System.

Fuck The System

The Human being is a social being, more precisely, its nature and interactions are based on the biopsychosocial model, first theorized by the psychiatrist George L. Engel in 1977. An individual cannot develop without social interaction. In fact we would not fit in this world without the surrounding social environment, so important for the development of language, values, religious views, and, ultimately, of crucial importance for the perpetuance of our species once we still do not know how to reproduce asexually. This social interaction begins at the time we have not seen a light beam, when our development is influenced by our mothers’ mood, stresses, personal problems, cuddling over the tiny piece of skin that separates us from the outside world. Then, we are fully dependent on the touch we receive from the caregivers (mother, father, others). If we are not held on the arms of our caregivers we simply die, we do not acquire the notion of self-esteem, self-confidence; we do not develop our ‘self’.

Being so dependent on the environment for our correct development, one might ask, what is the best environment to raise a human being? The answer is so obvious that does not even deserve discussion. What is of extreme importance is that the role of the closest persons in our lives is being lost to the big scramble of information, politics, propaganda, wars, crimes, lists of death people, educational programmes, etc, etc. Every single person knows the power of the media in the transmission of information, nowadays so easy with the development of our technology, the creation of social networks, online newspapers, and wide range of TV channels. It is so widespread and it does its work (transmission of information and entertainment) so well that its control is desired by the most evil people living on Earth.

This ‘social’ interaction is killing our species.

Nowadays we simply accept the options that were first given to us. We live in a capitalist system and if you do not share this common sense notion, you are called anti-capitalist; if you believe that the government can have some power over private companies you are called fascist; if you defend a more patriotic and nationalist approach, you are called nazist; if you think everyone should have some social support from the government, you are called communist! All these words are so negatively-charged that people are suppressed by them when trying to make a point that has no similarities with any of the true definition of these terms. More, when arguments fail, people with new ideas are simply ignored or, even worse, called anarchists simply because they do not feel as a part of the system the world has to offer.

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