Out Loud.

doors opening, doors closing. The end of what once was a beginning. Time flies. Last night the clocks went one hour ahead. And today I am still suffering to adjust that lost hour into my day. 24 hours in a day; never enough the night before an exam, but critical nonetheless. Every second counts. 7 days pass with the blink of an eye. Those mundane routines. Get up, get dressed, school, lunch, work, study, dinner, relax, sleep. Maybe a glitch in the routine every now and then, until the weekend comes. And in the clouds of delirium, late night movies, parties, either too few or too many hours of sleep, our weekend passes. The cycle repeats.

do you wanna live like forever young? Perhaps yes. Can I ? I dont know.. can I ?

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Koki said...

1. great post !!
2. in your question if you can be young forever young, there is an awesome dude and says that his religion can cure every decease and make people live forever young. I ll investigate it and ll say more information in a post
3.again...great post!!
4.enjoy your day!