The myth of Daedalus

I think everybody know the ancient greek myth with Daedalus, if you don't i ll describe you the main facts:
Daedalus was a brilliant man, that was in captivity under a bad ruler, one  day he saw some birds flying free in the sky, so he killed them took their wings and flew away.
After escaping,  years passed and nobody heard anything about Daedalus, some were saying that he was trying to create music that even the gods will envy.
Finally today he released his new album and rumors say that Zeus wants to arrange a concert in Olympus mountain.
You can download his album with a click.


nýah said...

hehe. :) loved it, i wonder if zeus will bbe courteous enough to allow Daedalus to arrange a concert where us normal people can attend too :)

Koki said...

i don't know if normal people ll be accepted, but our awesomenesses ll for sure.