The Power of Will.

Everything worth having is worth fighting for. We've heard it all the time. Yet, as humans, and as human we are, we would rather have things fall into our laps than work for it. Sure, we don't argue that when we do put our heart and soul, our own time and sweat into achieving something, we probably appreciate it more, but this doesn't stop us from coming up with excuses in order to avoid spending all that energy, and just wait for things to happen.

Destiny. Fate. Life.

Perhaps people can be also categorized using destiny as basis. There are those people, that live according to their fate, believing everything that happens, is meant to be, has been predestined to be.

Then there are those that don't care what is written, because they are determined to write their own future. Everything that happens is part of an action-reaction for which the sole responsible person is, them.

Pause. Take a moment. Can you think of anyone from each category?

What I want to point out is not that there are people who believe and don't believe in destiny, but how this affects them, their lives, is more important. Straightforwardly, the biggest difference between the two, is their attitude towards living life.

What is destiny.

Destiny, a predetermined sequence of events. Therefore, maybe, whatever you do, or don't do, will have an affect on what happens. Hence, maybe you dont even need to work, because maybe, after a sequence of occuring events, you'll become rich enough to never work. Maybe you don't have to study all the time, because if you are to pass the exam, you'll pass it anyways. Who knows? So why not leave it upto destiny, eventually, things will work out, right? If you do fail, then you will just have to study for the next time. Perhaps a more laid back way of living, but does this mean, that at the end of the day, you are satisfied with the results of your life?

I met a person who once wouldn't take risks, because she thought that if it was in her destiny to do something, if not now, eventually it would happen without her having to put effort into it. How is that living? Isn't life all about everything around you, and isn't living taking all chances around you ?

If there's no destiny, than there's no one to blame. It doesn't matter if you were born in a poor family, you will find a way to climb the social ladder, whether it be through education, business, or the army as it is in many countries; if, of course, that is what you want. You'll work for it, and you'll put everything you have into making it happen. Because if you don't, then there's nothing that guarantees you that you'll still achieve your goal.

Determined. Fighters. Workers. Happier?...or have they spent their whole lives working for something that in the end was not what they wanted anymore?

Of course, to categorize humans so distinctively wouldn't be realistic, as humans, we are not just black nor white, we have shades of grey. But the depth of black and the power of white can only be assessed individually, not when mixed together.