Long Live For Our Dreams

Ela Orleans - Lost

In antique times, Greeks didn’t describe dreams as something that happened in their heads while they slept, but as something that descended from heaven, you saw your dream approach like a window opening into the world of the Gods, and o­nce the message was delivered, this window went away, it vanished into the distance. The beginning of Brooklyn chanteuse Ela Orleans’Something Higher is absolutely like that, a funereal anthem of treble and reverb which materialises in front of you like a faded postcard from a frozen tundra beyond the fiery sea- it makes us think of Nico.
It sounds like the songs that that child was singing before she disappeared deep into the neck of the woods never to be seen again, they still echo ghostly in a barren spot where all that remains is silence. Enthralling.
...and one song of Erla Orleans which stuck on my brain days now, imposed to share with you...

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arvind said...

this is nice video for astrologer who's they re researching on NASA basis