Keep Shelly In(-g) Athens

Hello and a Happy New EAR!

I was looking for them and finally I found them. Keep Shelly In Athens is an Electronic / Down-tempo duet / band from Athens, Greece.I listened to their sound for the first time in the car with my brother, as we were travelling for Kalamata to spend the Christmas holidays with our parents...we had marvellous moments in the car because we made a review of what came out for 2010 and we concluded, that this year was moderate good for albums and artists that appear..

Keep Shelly In Athens sound is hilarious. Their tracks make you feel that someone try to re-make Air's - Moon Safari to correspond with the present day's fashion. Balearic-tinged sounds!Very good stuff. They appear the early November with the 12'' EP--In Love With Dusk and you can find it here

See you... Until next time.. Keep Shelly(-ing) Athens!

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melisses stin keep shely in Athens!